What Is DefiRadar?

DefiRadar is a series of bots provide a straightforward and user-friendly way to stay informed about the DeFi space, making it easier for both seasoned investors and newcomers to navigate the complexities of cryptocurrency markets.

What is the utility of DefiRadar?

DefiRadar’s telegram bot provides users with real-time alerts about DeFi protocols and applications with robust scanning of DeFi contracts to detect potential risks and honeypots.

How can I use DefiRadar?

DeFi Radar | Ethereum new pairs - Visit the DeFi Radar Alert bot on the Telegram. - Simply hit the 'Start' button. Upon starting, the bot will provide a link to a dedicated channel, join the channel to start receiving alerts. DeFi Sentinel: - Open a chat with the DeFi Sentinel bot. Send the Ethereum contract address of the token you wish to analyze directly to the bot. No special command or format is needed.

Where can i Buy $DefiRadar?

You can always purchase $defiradar tokens with eth from Uniswap By Clicking on the bBuy button on the navigation bar or you can also join our telegram group to find out more info.

What are some Usage tips?

  • Check Regularly: Regularly check the alerts and reports for up-to-date information and to stay on top of new developments.

  • Cross-Verify Information: Use the information provided by the bots as a starting point and cross-verify with other sources for informed decision-making.

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