💰Revenue Share

🤝 The DRADAR Revenue Share Model 🤝

As a token holder, your participation in our project's success is now even more rewarding. With our new Revenue Share Model, holders who possess a minimum of 0.5% of DRADAR tokens are eligible to participate in profit sharing.

📈 How It Works: 📈

For every 0.5% of DRADAR tokens you hold, you earn a valuable point towards your share of the profits generated by our cutting-edge Defi Radar bots. The more tokens you hold, the more points you accumulate, and the greater your share of the profit.

💡 Example: 💡

  • Holding 0.5% of DRADAR tokens = 1 point

  • Holding 1.0% of DRADAR tokens = 2 points

  • Holding 2.0% of DRADAR tokens = 4 points

  • And so on...

🌐 Why It Matters: 🌐

Inclusive Rewards: This model ensures that every holder who meets the 0.5% token threshold has the opportunity to participate in our project's success and share in the generated profits.

Long-Term Partnership: It strengthens our commitment to building a thriving community of long-term partners who grow with us.

Transparency: We will provide regular updates on profit distributions, promoting transparency and trust within our community.

💰 Profit Sharing Frequency: 💰

We will periodically distribute profits to eligible token holders, creating a sustainable and rewarding ecosystem for our community.

📊 Profit Allocation: 📊

50% of the revenue generated from our bots will be distributed to eligible token holders who meet the 0.5% threshold. The remaining 50% will be allocated towards the development of our project and strategic buybacks, ensuring the growth and sustainability of DRADAR.

Stay tuned for more details on the profit-sharing process, including distribution schedules and updates.

Thank you for being part of the DRADAR family. Together, we're taking strides towards a prosperous future.

Your success is our success.

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