👑Premium Membership Tiers

DeFi-Radar is committed to delivering an exceptional experience to all users of our ecosystem. To cater to our diverse community, we offer two distinct tiers of membership, each designed to provide enhanced utility and exclusive benefits.

Tier 1: Premium Access

Unlock the full potential of DeFi-Radar with our Premium Access tier. This level is for the astute DeFi trader seeking advanced tools to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape. Premium Access is granted to token holders with a minimum of 0.2% token possession, offering token-gated exclusivity to a suite of cutting-edge features:

  • Real-Time Liquidity Burns: Monitor liquidity events as they happen, allowing for informed decision-making in dynamic market conditions.

  • Future AI Smart Contract Auditor: Leverage the power of AI to assess smart contract reliability and security, a feature that will set a new standard in smart contract analysis.

  • Advanced Technical Analysis Tools: Gain access to a forthcoming suite of analytical instruments designed to dissect market trends and token performance with precision.

Tier 2: Revenue Share Eligibility

For our most dedicated supporters holding at least 0.5% of the token supply, Tier 2 not only includes all the benefits of Premium Access but also enrolls you in our Revenue Share Program. This program is a testament to our gratitude, offering a share of the profits generated from advertisement revenues. It's our way of saying thank you and ensuring that our success is your success.

Premium Features for Solana Ecosystem

The imminent launch of our Sol Scanner will herald a new era for Solana token analytics. Premium members will enjoy an advanced version with enriched features tailored for in-depth analysis, while the regular Sol Scanner will remain accessible to all users.

Becoming a Premium User

To ascend to Premium status, verification of your wallet is required. Follow the instructions below to initiate the verification process and embark on a journey of exclusive benefits within the DeFi-Radar ecosystem.

Instructions for Wallet Verification:

go to the bot, and type /help

you will see the instructions to start a verify process

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